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How Labour Built Neoliberalism - Elizabeth Humphrys and guests

  • New Int Book Shop 54 Victoria St, Carlton 3053 (map)

The New International Book Shop presents a panel discussion with Elizabeth Hamphreys on the subject of her new book (available on the night): How Labour Built Neoliberalism, Australia's accord, the Labour movement and the Neoliberal project. Elizabeth will be joined by Godfrey Moase and Tim Lyons, who will share their reflections on the book.

From the blurb:

Why do we always assume it was the New Right that was at the centre of constructing neoliberalism? How might corporatism have advanced neoliberalism? And, more controversially, were the trade unions only victims of neoliberal change, or did they play a more contradictory role? In , Elizabeth Humphrys examines the role of the Labor Party and trade unions in constructing neoliberalism in Australia, and the implications of this for understanding neoliberalism’s global advance. These questions are central to understanding the present condition of the labour movement and its prospects for the future.

Bio's of Panelists:

Godfrey Moase is the Assistant General Branch Secretary at the National Union of Workers, which is in the process of merging with United Voice to form the United Workers Union. He has been published in Overland, the Guardian, Jacobin and New Matilda.

Tim Lyons is a Research Fellow at Per Capita, a Director of Reveille Strategy, and a former Assistant Secretary of the ACTU. He writes on unions and labour strategy, and in 2016 published a prominent analysis — 'The Labour Movement: My Part in its Downfall’ — in Meanjin.

Elizabeth Humphrys works at the University of Technology in Sydney. Her book How Labour Built Neoliberalism was released this year. Her current research is on: anti-politics; work and climatic heat stress; and, the collapse of the West Gate Bridge in 1970 when 35 workers were killed.