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Ideas for the Struggle - Marta Harnecker

Ideas for the Struggle - Marta Harnecker


Marta Harnecker, author of over eighty books and monographs in several languages, including A World to Build: New Paths toward Twenty-First Century Socialism, wrote 12 articles on political activism and revolutionary vision, published in Venezuela in 2004. These articles were revised and updated this year, and now appear, translated by Federico Fuentes, on the Old and New Project website, with an introduction by the editors:

“July 2016—When we asked Marta Harneckerwhether it would be OK to post her “Ideas for the Struggle” … with an invitation to revolutionary activists in the USA to discuss it, she said she would be delighted. But she also urged that we write an introduction explaining why a piece that was originally composed in 2004 is being reprinted today, with only a few modifications. That question, however, seems relatively easy: not much has changed on the revolutionary left concerning the issues Harnecker is addressing in these notes. They have not been adequately discussed or resolved, far from it…”

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