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The Little History of Australian Unionism - Sean Scalmer

The Little History of Australian Unionism - Sean Scalmer


Though stonemasons walked off the job one hundred and fifty years ago, the eight-hour day is now honoured more often in the breach than in the observance. Full-time workers in Australia labour for long hours (higher than fifty per week) with greater frequency than those in any other advanced industrial country. Moreover, too many workplaces are still unsafe and leave their employees sickened, injured or killed.


The rewards offered to nearly all employees are grossly inadequate. While executive salaries have shot up, those on median incomes now find it harder to buy a house than ever before. Nearly all the jobs dominated by women are scandalously underpaid, and younger workers are also trained at inadequate rates of reward. Most parents struggle through the joy of child-rearing without paid parental leave or adequate childcare. In short, Australia is a highly unequal society and the power of unions is necessary to make it less so.

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