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The Transition to a Sustainable and Just World - Ted Trainer

The Transition to a Sustainable and Just World - Ted Trainer


Ted Trainer argues that the magnitude of the global problems our society is running into is not well understood. We are far beyond sustainable levels of production and consumption and the defining condition of the coming era will be intense scarcity. In addition the global economy is extremely unjust. It delivers most of the world's wealth to the few who live in rich countries. It follows that the present consumer-capitalist society cannot be fixed. A society based on commitment to affluent lifestyles, market systems, profit maximisation, globalisation, competition and constant growth causes the problems and must be replaced if they are to be solved.

A satisfactory society must therefore be some kind of Simpler Way, centred on frugal but adequate lifestyles, mostly small and highly self-sufficient local economies under participatory local control, and nonmaterial sources of satisfaction. The Simpler Way would be a delightful liberation, enabling relaxed, secure, convivial and fulfilling lifestyles for all.

Clear implications for strategy follow, which contradict most of the existing theories and
campaigns pursued by people in conventional, Green and Left circles.

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