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Australians on the Left - Len Fox

Australians on the Left - Len Fox


In this book a veteran journalist, who has worked on leftwing papers and in progressive movements for sixty years, tells of some of the interesting people he has met. They range from Dame Mary Gilmore and Nettie Palmer to Jack Mundey and Ted Wheelwright, and include men and women who suffered in the Depression, and a coalminer who walked out alive from the Mount Kembla disaster in 1902. Their stories may help to give reders a better understanding of the role of the Left in recent years - and perhaps in the future.

The author, Len Fox, is the author of more than 30 books and pamphlets on history, politics, economics and literature - and a number of booklets of poems. The front cover drawing, Crib Time, by Herbert McClintock, was published in the Miner's paper Common Cause in 1970.

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